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Scripto Aim 'n Flame II Wind Resistant Lighter - 1.0 CT

Paper, Cleaning & Home
Fire Logs & BBQ Needs

We cut through all the fluff to get at what really matters... nutrition.

All food products are scored from 0 - 100 based on their nutrition value.


Extremely Flammable Contents Under Pressure. Read Carefully All Warnings And Instructions On Back Of Package. Keep Out Of Reach Of Children. No Lighter Is Child Proof. The Child Resistant Feature Of This Lighter Is Not A Substitute For Proper Supervision. It May Be Possible For Small Children To Operate This Product If Left Unattended, Which Could Lead To Serious Property Damage, Injury, Or Death. Danger: Extremely Flammable. Contains Flammable Gas Under Pressure. Caution: Ignite Utility Lighter Away From Face And Clothing. Do Not Use To Light Cigarettes, Cigars, Or Pipes. Be Sure Flame Is Out After Use. Never Expose To Heat Above 120 Degrees F (49 Degrees C) Or To Prolonged Sunlight. Never Puncture Or Put In Fire. Do Not Keep Lit For More Than 30 Seconds. Follow All Instructions And Warnings Provided By Manufacturer Of Appliance When Using This Product. Failure To Follow Instructions May Result In Burn Injury. Do Not Inhale The Contents. Hot: Extreme Heat Is Present Above The Visible Flame. Extra Care Should Be Taken To Prevent Burn, Injury, Or Fire. Flame Can Ignite Materials Not In Direct Contact With The Visible Flame. Do Not Touch Nozzle Tip After Use. Do Not Use Near Sparks Or Open Flame. Do Not Puncture Or Incinerate Container Or Store At Temperatures Above 120 Degrees F (49 Degrees C). Be Sure Flame Is Completely Out After Each Use. Keep And Store Out Of The Reach Of Children. Caution: Metal Can Become Very Hot. Do Not Touch Tip After Using Lighter.

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